Amelia`s Panda passion project

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4 Responses to Amelia`s Panda passion project

  1. tcarrim says:

    Loved reading about the Red Panda ( my personal favourite).
    I enjoyed playing “where’s panda”, but I think I might have missed one!


  2. M Robinson says:

    Fabulous project on Pandas with so many pages with varying kinds of info. I had no idea there was a Red Panda!
    I like the way you mixed in facts but also embedded the video, and even fun things like the wordsearch and find the panda.
    Excellent !

    I’m puzzled about one tiny thing: On one page you tell me there are about 2000 pandas in the wild, on another page you say it’s 1600 . . . ??

    • barwa says:

      I made a mistake, in 2004 there were approx. 1600 and in 2014 there were 1,864 (I must of rounded it up). At least it is good news for the pandas. 🙂

  3. richo says:

    I enjoyed the video – cute and FUNNY!
    Were there 7 pandas including the last one?
    Cool work!

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