Lexi Street Dance

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10 Responses to Lexi Street Dance

  1. dratchford says:

    It was great to read about your hobby. I think Street Dance is amazing to watch. How exciting about Britain’s Got Talent!

  2. brada says:

    It’s incredible that you know so much about Street Dance!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This was a really cool project to read. 🙂

  4. townm says:

    I loved your project and enjoyed the word search very much. Good luck on Britain’s Got Talent.

  5. MRobinson says:

    A very informative article on street dance! I’d heard of popping, locking, and waving , but not krumping. The history about Toni Basil and Don Campbell was also interesting.

    You explain it all very clearly and have thoughtfully sorted out the info in to a logical order listed as contents on the first page. The only thing that could improve this might be to have a couple of videos showing some of the key moves.
    (Next time eh !)

  6. lampo says:

    This is amazing Lexi. 🙂

  7. ismay says:

    This is a great project Lexi, good work.

  8. hartm says:


  9. suttf says:

    This an was outstanding project. I’ve wanted to do dance, but lyrical. Now I want to do street – your project has inspired me. 😉

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